LEVI is Finland’s most popular year-round leisure centre, where you can find the most diverse slopes for Alpine sport training and snow sports in Finland!

The Slalom World Cup, which is organised in November, is proof of the good conditions and the efforts made to develop the sport. Levi is also the only place in Finland where there is an entire slope area for training. There are four diverse locations, as well as a private warming-up/video room, at the Levi Training Park which are available for training despite the season.

KITTILÄ is an active municipality with approximately six-and-a-half-thousand residents in Fell Lapland. Kittilä’s excellent location, comprehensive services, functional transport connections and stunning nature offer a good framework for life and studies. In addition to the centre’s shops and services, the following are also within a short distance:

                                            • Diverse sports hall
                                            • Ice rink
                                            • Artificial grass field
                                            • Sports field
                                            • Ski tracks
                                            • Disc golf
                                            • Upper secondary school gym
                                            • Upper secondary school sports hall


More information about the area of Kittilä and its services can be found HERE

Kittilä is an attractive municipality and a good place to move to for work or studies. Welcome to Kittilä!

Education centre and surroundings of the residential building

Map - Levi Snow Sport Academy