At Levi Snow Sport Academy, we believe in the holistic coaching of people. Although our task is to train young people to become top athletes, skilled freeriders and talented ski instructors, we wish to offer a much wider life experience alongside this and the opportunity to also develop other skills which are needed in the changing world.

Feeding a learning attitude and developing an inspiring atmosphere are our main duties. We wish to coach people, not machines, which consist of various characteristics and performs in sports and life.  We believe that when a human’s three psychological needs; belief in own capacity, autonomy and sense of community, are achieved, inner motivation allows our students to feel well and achieve great things in their lives.

Our guiding ideology is: LEARNING ATTITUDE

QUALITY guides our operations in training future top athletes. We do not compete on who trains the most, whether it is a question of downhill skiing or physics. To us, the most important aspect is that what is done, is done with a complete mindset and as well as possible.

SLALOM is the Alpine skiing sport for which we can guarantee world-class training conditions in Levi and in Finland. For this reason, it is our all-time number one sport. Giant slalom and other sports are carried out to bring variety to training and to support the development of slalom.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence therefore is not an act, but a habit.

Holistic stress is major. Taking into account that young athletes manage their own household together with their laundry and meals, as well as sports and school, we must as a school be capable of supporting the development of a young person towards adulthood and give it time.

Training is part of school operations. During the programme, 15 upper secondary optional courses are completed and the parts of the vocational qualification to be completed at Levi Institute are agreed in the personal study plan that is prepared with the student.

Upper secondary students who are arriving from other municipalities are offered an apartment from the residential building located in the school area. The school and the other training facilities are located within a radius of a few hundred metres and appropriate ski maintenance facilities have been implemented in the downstairs of the building. Levi is a 20-minute drive away!

Enquiries concerning accommodation can be addressed to

the housing office of the Municipality of Kittilä.

Satu Perttamo-Kangas: 0408479601,


Levi Institute has a free student residence to offer its own students.

Hannu Puljujärvi: 0207984068,

Coaching fee 5,000€/year

Paid to the Municipality of Kittilä

2,500€ in November and March


Coaching (2 coaches)

Coaches’ travel expenses 

Training equipment

Season pass for Levi

2 cars and expenses (not including fuel expenses for trips outside Kittilä)



Applications for the Athlete study programme are submitted via the link below no later than by 13th January 2020.

Athletes accepted to Levi Snow Sport Academy shall be informed by 30th February 2020, after which they can apply to Kittilä Upper Secondary School or Lapland Education Centre REDU’s vocational studies via the national joint application procedure. 

Selection criteria

• School success (avg. 7.5)
• Competition success
• Sports skill test
• Iron Man test
• Interview


Locality and participation in Lapland Sports Academy’s Upper School operations shall be considered an advantage.


More information: Head Coach Jukka Markkanen

+358 40 570 1835


  • Sonja Jaakola

  • Upper Secondary School
    1st Grade
    Born in 2004
    Hometown: Rovaniemi

  • Santeri Kemppinen

  • Upper Secondary School
    1st Grade
    Born in 2004
    Hometown: Sirkka

  • Riia Pallari

  • Upper Secondary School
    2nd Grade
    Born in 2003
    Hometown: Rovaniemi

  • Olli Lankinen

  • Upper Secondary School
    2nd Grade
    Born in 2003
    Hometown: Lahti